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These few scrawls are obsolete.  I use photo sensitive techniques.

I use the Toner Transfer System to do make my PCBs.  I haven't perfected it yet.  I find the toner doesn't always stick, especially with thin traces (less than 20mil).  That lack of confidence in the product is probably why I tend to only make single sided PCBs. 

I use a SuperFuser, purchased from Wiltronics to transfer the toner to the boards.  I would not have been able to make any PCBs without this.  I've read descriptions of using an household iron to do the transfer process but I have never had success doing this.

The TTS people have a new product, TRF, Toner Reactive Films. This is applied to the toner before etching to stop the acid being absorbed by the toner.  It can also be used to make PCB overlays.

I plan to try that next, and if I haven't had any success, I will try using UV developing type techniques.  Computronics seems to have a good range of products.  And I'm looking forward to building my own microcontroller controlled UV exposure light box.